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NEW HOSPITALITY Rise hotel profitability Monetize interactions with guests and forge relations with regional business partners to make your hotel the heart of local experience.

Start with one feature. Make sure it works for your guests and staff.


Experience first results

Measure how digital interaction changes guest engagement.


Expand revenues

Offer F&B, goods, and services directly on guest's smartphone.

Upsell your own way

Use full Fablo suite to profit from the best guest experience.


Open sesame!

After scanning QR card with his smartphone, guest can browse, order and buy from the entire range of the hotel: breakfast selection, restaurant menu and table reservations, online drink bar, hotel service booking and online store. Are you ready to fulifil guest's wishes and gain extra income?

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QR card magic moment corr

Create personal moments that sell

Engage with your guests through their personal devices.

Build the rapport

Enable guests to browse and order from the full range of your products and services with their smartphones. Respond accordingly.


Stay close to the clients

Build location-independent online interaction, no matter if they are in the room, spa, restaurant, or far away from your property. Be always around.


Bring more joy

Understand and fulfill wishes of both tourists and business travellers with simple, quick and delightful digital communication.

Move F&B online

Sell, upsell and manage restaurant services smarter.
New revenues

Take away orders

Allow ordering meals, snacks, and drinks from a digital menu on smartphones. Your staff will deliver the order directly to where the guest currently is (room, pool, or restaurant).

reduced cost

Reduced food waste

Monitor the consumption dynamics to reduce redundant orders and minimize the amount of wasted prepaid food, thanks to accurate demand forecasting and meal planning.

Stock control

No food expiration costs

Run special offers to guide guest's attention to products nearing the expiration date and sell out stocked ingredients in an elegant way, without an extra burden for your staff.


Motivated and professional

“Officially, on behalf of myself and the GM, I would like to thank you for support and commitment to this project. It is really motivating that the team is so committed to this and I promise to recommend Fablo wherever I can.”

Director F&B
Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre

Inspire with services

Reach guests with your offer, at the moment when they plan the day.

Enable impulse booking

Let guests and local visitors choose, book and order in-hotel services with their smartphones. Respond instantly to their urges with ready-to-go high margin offers.


One-touch reservations

Automate service calendar management and get rid of communication mistakes. Engage your team only in unusual situations, spending a fraction of prior time.


Make visit an adventure

Create happy hours, bundled offers, and use first and last-minute incentives to encourage guests to pick their choices from currently available time slots or resources.

Direct Hotel Services

Health, Sport & Spa

Trips, Rental & Family

For Business

In-hotel digital store

Impress clients with attractive local merchandise and experiences.
more sales

Commission for comfort

Your guests will pay for attractive goods and their quick delivery to the room. Experiment with the inventory of your digital shop to grow both guest's comfort and your revenues.

more ideas

Your special guests

Add some items for kids to your digital store. Timely proposed entertainment can be a life-saver for parents managing their beloved youngest, during a family trip.

more profits

Spread local culture

Become a heart of local experiences! Let your partners fill your digital store with local books, tickets, or crafts. Manage payments and get a commission for every purchase.


Delicious breakfast, you can conveniently order via the QR code on your phone.

Anna Guest of Holiday Inn, Warsaw City Centre


One-click ordering

Automated breakfast service reduces operating costs and food waste.

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What is Fablo?

A fabulous digital tool to monetize hotel interactions with guests.

Easy start

Start with one feature and no integration. Take 10 minutes to enter a few basic data. You can use more features and integrate with your PMS or POS later. Set the pace and Fablo will adapt to it.


Flexible pricing

You can easily evaluate the ROI, because you pay monthly only a fraction of the development costs. There is no long-term commitment. In exchange, we provide development and ongoing support.


Support at the core

We want to be in touch with your frontline staff to have first hand understanding of your daily work. That knowledge is used to develop Fablo, so it always stays relevant.

guests & visitors

Hotel experience at fingertips

  • A smartphone becomes the center of hotel-guest interactions.
  • Guest scans QR codes placed around the hotel and instantly enters the relevant content. No app download is required.
  • Menus, services and digital store are available on the phone.
  • Promotions work automatically, according to the chosen scenario. Orders and payments are seamless and take seconds.
  • 99% of guests easily switch to Fablo, after a short message at check-in.
Mini Bar Online
Facultative Services

Quickly build revenue stream, without time-consuming IT routines.

Enable employees to manage and fulfil orders with any device online.

Distribute QR codes and inform guests to use their smartphones for ordering.

Receive and respond to the orders with no necessity of PMS/POS integration.

staff & management

Staff experience

  • Employees use devices that are most convenient i.e. F&B staff prefers tablets and front-desk chooses desktop computers.
  • Orders and guest’s wishes are accessed via the panel.
  • Special offers display automatically – just set the number of available products and the expiry date.
  • Staff-guest personal contact is limited to special situations or if a guest desires it.

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