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How an IHG hotel reduced breakfast food cost by 4% using Fablo

Executive summary: 

Implementation of Fablo solution resulted in:

  • Reduction of food cost by 4%, service time per order by 40%, and paper waste by almost 100%
  • 25% increase of kitchen efficiency in serving breakfasts

In addition following positive outcomes were observed:

  • 99% of guests switched to the solution instantly
  • Less than 1h of staff training was required to implement Fablo in the hotel
  • Integration with the PMS (Opera) took 1 hour
  • The solution enabled proactive management of breakfast stock levels and reduction of food wastage
  • The client is highly satisfied with the solution and works on implementing Fablo in further locations




The described implementation took place at an IHG Hotel: Holiday Inn Warsaw City Centre.


Client’s goal:

The initial goal of the General Manager and F&B Director was to speed the breakfast ordering process and enhance the guest experience while having a consolidated orders reports allowing them to go paperless and adopting a new technology very much in demand due to Covid 19 pandemic restrictions. Next phase is to build a scalable a la carte in room dining ordering system taking the application to the next level in order to continue driving guest satisfaction.


The client has decided to test a fully digital process based on guest’s smartphones.

Following goals have been set for the test to be perceived as successful:

  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Reduce paper waste
  • Have a positive impact on customer satisfaction


Why Fablo was chosen for the project?

The rationale for choosing Fablo was:

a) confidence in the technical prowess of the Fablo team based on credentials and a mock-up system brought to the first meeting

b) the team’s devotion to the analysis and preparation phase – striving to understand every detail of the analyzed process to achieve maximum usability of the solution


How does the QR-codes based ordering process look like?

The old process was based on exchanging paper forms. Filled out forms were issued to guests at check-in and collected in the evening. Each document was then reproduced in 4 copies and distributed to every unit participating in the process.


In the new process, the guest receives at check-in a QR-code and is instructed to scan it with his smartphone to order breakfast for the next day.  After scanning a QR-code guest enters a mobile website where she can compose the desired breakfast and confirm the order.  The order is automatically visible for the kitchen, the room service, and the front desk staff. In case of any unusual situations, the front desk can always make adjustments to the order based on the guest’s requests.



The test has met all the planned KPIs and generated additional observations.

Fablo was launched in the hotel on 3. May 2021. After 3 weeks the following results were recorded:

  • The average service time per order decreased by 25%
  • 99% of guests used Fablo and rated it as a solution of choice for future stays in the hotel
  • Almost all of the paper has been eliminated from the process
  • Hotel staff stated that they cannot imagine returning to the old, paper-based process
  • The problem of “mass checkout” in the morning has been eliminated what allowed to freely prepare and deliver 100 and more breakfast a day
  • The total food cost decreased by 4% due to food less waste
  • The client is satisfied with the results.


We are currently working on implementing Fablo for all F&B orders in the client’s property and the rollout of the Fablo solution is planned for further locations.